FD-118C Dry Box for Leather Bags/Shoes


Humidity control range: 25-55%RH
Bags/Shoes Desiccant cabinets recommend, Electronic Dry boxes, Humidity control cabinets.

Auto Dry cabinets FD-118C (121liters), Dry cabinet for Leather Bags/Shoes

  • Electronic Auto Dry Cabinets (Humidity control cabinets),
  • Analog type hygrometer, Japanese movement core
  • Dehumidification desiccants technology used by more than one million people worldwide
  • Taiwan manufacturer’s electronic Auto Dry Boxes.
  • A leading brand for more than 30 years
  • Humidity control range 25-55%RH (Dehumidification intensity adjustable)
  • Dry cabinets for Cameras, Lens, Bags, Shoes, Boutique, Watches
  • Super energy saving, low power consumption
  • Simple operation /No consumables /No water dumping /No pipe connection
  • 24-hours safety dehumidification function/ Power outage still maintains dehumidification capability


Household dehumidification appliances

Moisture proof, dust-proof, anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-deterioration, dust mite proof

Get it done in one step

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Analog type advanced hygrometer

It is manufactured with Japanese movement core

Comparison and certification through multiple independent laboratories

Accurate and reliable, assured quality


Dehumidification desiccants technology used by more than one million people worldwide

EDRY a leading brand in Taiwan for over 30 years

Own R&D / manufacturing / mass production technology

Marketing worldwide

Simple operation, continuous control knob setting


More than 30 years of manufacturing experience

Own R&D / manufacturing / mass production technology

Made in Taiwan, High quality

Marketing worldwide

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auto dry box-two doors


Steel cabinets are designed with a highly airtight structure

Over 25 years of heritage and expertise

Uses the same strong magnetic sealing strip as the refrigerator


Anti-rust and wear-resistant powder paint coating

Abrasion / stain resistance / easy to clean / not easy to fade

Good quality that can stand the test of time




Model FD-118C
Volume 121 Liters
External size H85* W40* D41cm
Internal size H77* W39.5* D40cm
Accessories Upward/Downward adjustable shelf*3, lock key
Humidity Control Range 25-55%RH
Desiccating Capability Stable Moderate Desiccation
Humidity Control Design Use intelligent step-less control, high-grade hygrometer display
Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm strengthen steel plate
Power Source AC110V+10V 50/60HZ or customized AC220V+10V 50/60HZ or other customized power requirement.

Operation manual