AD-370 Air Filter and Dehumidifier


Humidity Control Range:30~55%RH
Dehumidify and Air purification system

AD-370 laboratory chemical drug storage cabinet built-in 24-hr exhaust purification system and humidity control system


The whole series of laboratory drug storage cabinet uses SUS #304
stainless steel with an acid and alkaline resistant powder coating.

  1. The drug cabinet has a built-in 24-hr exhaust purification system.
  2. There is a special internal circulation and purification system that need no connection to an external exhaust pipeline and create no exhaust emission or environmental pollution.
  3. There is a special pressure difference sensing for determining the use condition of filters.
  4. There are multiple types of absorption filters.
  5. There is a multi-blade noise-free fan to prevent the motor from idling.
  6. The cabinet is fully airtight so no leak of bad odor.
  7. The drawer-type top/bottom adjustable trays provide flexible space.


Patented Top Quality Super Dehumidifying Core

High Speed, Good Stability, Power Saving, Noise Free

EDRY has more than 25 years of experience in independent top quality professional dehumidifier research and development in Taiwan and possesses relevant technology. The patented semi-conductor chip is used in the dehumidifying technology, and the highly effective dehumidifying performance can reduce the moisture from 70%RH to 40%RH in 60minutes. It can also maintain and stabilize the humidity within the ideal range. Furthermore, the micro-computer based smart auto-transformation power-saving mode can save a lot of power.


(1)The long-term steady humidity maintaining within the range allows
     you to control the humidity easily.
The up and down humidity will not affect the quality of storage; there is no need for you to constantly adjust the humidity set for the moisture-proof cabinet because of external environmental changes. It is the same whether in winter, in summer, on a sunny day, or when raining.

(2) A design for precise humidity control 
The high precision humidity control prevents the humidity from dropping too much, which can cause cracking, aging, discoloring, deformation and other damages to the stored items (As shown in the diagram below, 40%RH is taken as the reference here. At this condition, there is no impact from climate change, and it is the best storage environment for prolonging the lifespan of items.)


Analog type advanced hygrometer

It is manufactured with Japanese movement core

Comparison and certification through multiple independent laboratories

Accurate and reliable, assured quality


The emission pipeline free design has the following features:

1. A special internal circulation system preventing exhaust emission can protect the safety of your operating personnel. 

2. No pipeline construction is needed and the storage space can be adjusted according to the need.

3. The cabinet has a completely airtight design to prevent exhaust leakage.

Purification system design: 

1.  The circular purification of the automatic and built-in system in the cabinet can be  set up by the user. The pressure difference design has an indicator light for monitoring the filter. Depending on the condition, different types of absorbents are available for selection.

2.  It has two sets of internal circulation systems for purifying and filtering out bad odors, neutralizing and absorbing oxidized organic compounds, removing powders, and preventing dust and mold. They can also prevent idling. According to the preference of the user, the circulation time can be preset or fully automatic.

Shock-proof safety design: 

1. There is a design preventing the drawers detached from the slide rail accidentally.

2. For shock prevention, the chassis is equipped with button suckers for the floor.

3. The tray is equipped with safety dividers that can be adjusted between the front
     and rear and the left and right. The insertion-style small horizontal dividers are
     flexible, so the user can freely organize the space.

4. The drawer-type trays are up-down adjustable and can be fully pulled out. It has a
     wide edge guard for writing down the name and features of the drugs stored,
     increasing the utilization of the space and preventing collision when taking drugs

     out of the tray. When evenly distributed, the load can be more than 80 kg.

Cabinet structure design: 

The entire cabinet is made of SUS #304 stainless steel with an acid and alkaline
resistant powder coating. For the glass, 3mm tempered glass is used. The cabinet
also has a set of large-scale heavy-duty wheels.



Model AD-370 Dehumidify and Air purification system
Volume 370 Liters
External size H138* W60* D66cm
Internal size H98* W59* D63cm
Accessories Height adjustable slider tray*3, Wheels
Humidity Control Range 30~55%RH
Desiccating Capability Lower the humidity level from 70% RH to 40% RH within 60 mins.
Humidity Control Design Hygrometer.
Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm SUS #304 stainless steel with an acid and alkaline resistant powder coating.; 3mm tempered glass door
Power Source AC110V+10V 50/60HZ or customized AC220V+10V 50/60HZ or other customized power requirement.

Operation manual