FD-150W Digital dry cabinet


Humidity control range: 25-55%RH
Digital dry cabinet, Electronic Dry boxes, Humidity control cabinets.

FD-150W (150liters) Fest dehumidification Dry cabinets 

  • Beyond museum level preservation requirements
  • 10 times normal dehumidification speed, effective in the first 15 minutes.
  • Suitable for high frequency usage (open door more than 2 times a day)
  • Microcomputer digital control LCD panel
  • Humidity control accuracy ± 2% RH
  • Super energy saving, average power consumption per hour <10W
  • Using U.S. aerospace technology components
  • Average service life >20 years
  • Full voltage 90-305V universal design
  • Complies with CE safety regulations, can withstand 1000V surge shock


Top dehumidification specifications

Exceeding museum preservation standards

Irreplaceable items, priceless artifacts, EDRY will guard for you


Most efficient and stable moisture-proof technology

*10 times normal dehumidification speed, effective in the first 15 minutes.

*Patented semiconductor wafer dehumidification technology

*Dehumidification efficiency will not be weakened, even if you open the door every day


Microcomputer digital control LCD panel

*Comparison and certification through multiple independent laboratories

*Humidity can be set precisely

*Built-in temperature and humidity switching display function

*Panel backlight can switch between power saving / constant light mode

*Built-in 24-hour/12-set automatic humidity recording function

*Humidity alarm system (Additional function)



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More than 30 years of manufacturing experience

Own R&D / manufacturing / mass production technology

Made in Taiwan, High quality

Marketing worldwide


Efficiency test data chart of electronic humidity control cabinets (Auto Dry Boxes)

*Stably maintained in the ideal humidity range  

*Unaffected by external climate

*Intelligent control, no need to change humidity settings frequently in response to external environment

*Create the most stable collection preservation environment

*Humidity is no longer high and low, exceeding the museum's preservation standards for control systems


Fast dehumidification performance, lower the humidity level to suitable storage range within 15 to 60 minutes.

*High performance dehumidification, no fear of humid environment

*High water content items (e.g. paper, leather), high humidity environment (e.g. rainy season, living in mountains, seaside), are easy to maintain constant levels without trouble

*Performance does not decline, no matter how often you open the cabinet

Even if you open the door several times within a day, you can quickly restore dryness (This EDRY cabinet is recommended for users who open the door more than 2 times in a day)


The safest dehumidifying element

*Long life, energy saving operation

*The average life span of components, as used by U.S. aerospace technology applications, is 20 years

*Low power consumption

*Full voltage design of 100-270V, can be used around the world


Steel cabinets are designed with a highly airtight structure

Over 25 years of heritage and expertise

Uses the same strong magnetic sealing strip as the refrigerator


Anti-rust and wear-resistant powder paint coating

Abrasion / stain resistance / easy to clean / not easy to fade

Good quality that can stand the test of time



Movable airtight colume-Store items easier


Digital dry cabinets, high speed, Taiwan made, manufacturer, supplier, factory

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Model FD-150W
Volume 150 Liters
External size H57* W79* D40cm
Internal size H49* W78.5* D39cm
Accessories Upward/Downward adjustable shelf*1, lock key
Humidity Control Range 25-55%RH
Desiccating Capability Lower the humidity level from 70% RH to 40% RH in about 30 minutes.
Humidity Control Design Intelligent microcomputer control, touch control panel operation, LCD panel display.
Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm strengthen steel plate
Power Source AC110V+10V 50/60HZ or customized AC220V+10V 50/60HZ or other customized power requirement.

Operation manual