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Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinet Capacity:490L  
Outside Size:H970 x W1180 x D500 mm
Inside Size:H890 x W1168 x D470 mm

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SL-416CA Product Features




 EDRY’S ultra-low moisture technology is power saving.
THE dehumidifying effectiveness and lifespan of elements
         are 6-fold greater than those of other brands.


The manufacturing of the ultra-low moisture cabinet completely follows the standards
  of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 on managing the IC integrated circuit. The omission of
repackaging and the high temperature treatment enhance the assembly quality while
                                          reducing the cost effectively.

Much more superior than the counterparts in terms of dehumidification power,
  speed of dehumidification after door opening, life span and energy saving.

1. Extreme Speed Desiccating Performance

Industrial desiccating and moisture prevention must be fast and stable. EDRY leads the
world to launch the extreme speed desiccating ultra low humidity main desiccating unit to
lower the humidity level to less than 10% within 5 minutes and maintain stable 1%RH
lowest humidity level in long period of time. One hour after power up , even with power
interruption, it will maintain less than 15%RH humidity level in a period of 24 hours. It
can completely replace nitrogen filling and other dry air equipment. 

2. Speedy humidity reduction even with multiple door openings

EDRY Desiccators core machine can maintain a maximum of 70 hours of desiccating
capability. Multiple door openings will allow humidity level speedy reduction, fully in
Compliance with the requirement of instant access to storage items by manufacturing,
research and development organization, to improve work efficiency and product yields ,
“Dry Cabinet from other brand can only maintain 3 to 4 hours of desiccation capability,
desiccation process needs to be restarted after door opening twice. Such intensive
desiccating activities inconveniently hinder the usage. “In other word, number of
desiccating represents shorter equipment life span and lower desiccating capability.
According to test, Moisture Buster’s main desiccating unit has 10 times of life span,
desiccating capability and energy efficiency compares to other brands(as shown in
following diagram).

3. Patented Speedy Desiccation

EDRY uses patented speedy desiccating design to allow desiccating process more
stable and the humidity level will not fluctuate. Other brand products uses shape
memory alloys, not only slow in starting desiccating, but the humidity level returns
to more than 10% during desiccating process.

4. World Leading Patented Technology 
As the leading brand of desiccating product, EDRY Extreme Speed Main Desiccating
Unit won three key patents. All it takes is one main desiccating unit will bring
humidity level down to 1% easily (Other brand product may need 6 to 10 main
desiccating units). This is not only reducing energy consumption, it reduces future
maintenance cost. Polymer physical adsorption turbo desiccation technology furture
won the approval rate of more than 90% of major electronic manufacturers globally
as their favorite product. It is not required to replace consumables, low energy
consumption , and superb desiccating results are the major characteristics that meet
IPC/JEDEC-STD-033A and SMD processing requirement standards. Its popularity
is not coincidental. 

Perfect Humidity Control Performance

Industrial quality control is an important task but you are not able to stare at the
hygrometer all the time. Intelligent microcomputer, touch panel and LCD panel can
help you not only switching displays between temperature and humidity level, it is
equipped with humidity level recording function to real time check humidity level in
the cabinet. It can also be arbitrarily set desired humidity level between 1% -90%RH
and stabilized humidity control within +2% & -2%RH range. Upon power failure, it will
memorize the preset value and will not be altered due to power failure. Furthermore,
it can be upgraded with internet connection to monitor and control the humidity level
on line, which gives you a peace of mind all the time. The low humidity specialized
sensor is made in the USA by Honeywell with stability, accuracy and credibility.

                 EDRY’s ultra-low dry cabinet (10%RH or below)
         is completely manufactured according to the standards of
        IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 for managing the IC integrated circuit. 

 Managing IC integrated circuit, omitting repackaging and high temperature
treatment, improving assembly quality, preventing the popcorn effect caused
by trace moisture, and effectively enhancing the yield while reducing the cost.

Do you know that “trace moisture” has a great impact on the quality of
electronic elements and circuit boards?

MSD elements of MSL2 or above will be exposed to the atmosphere after they are
removed from the dry pack. If they are not assembled within a time frame, they will
absorb moisture from the atmosphere to a level exceeding the tolerable range. In this
case, the high temperature at welding will cause the moisture inside the MSD to
evaporate, generating sufficient pressure and causing MSD to expand. Eventually the
plastic package will start to delaminate from the chip or the lead frame, and chip bound
to the lead wire will be damaged and has the inside cracked. Under some extreme
conditions, the cracking can extend to the surface of MSD, causing the MSD to expand
or even to explode. This is the so-called popcorn. To prevent this condition, every time a
MSD is taken out from the dry pack, it should be stored in an ultra-low moisture
environment of 10%RH or lower as soon as possible to prevent the element from absorbing
moisture from the atmosphere.

Frequently observed popcorn condition

According to the standards of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 (Please refer to the data), to
prevent a MSD element from absorbing moisture from the air after it is removed from the
dry pack, it has to be stored in a ultra-low moisture cabinet of 10%RH or below or even
of 5% or below. Yet, that is still not enough. When carrying out the assembly on site, the
taking in and out of the element means that the door will be frequently opened and closed.
In that case, external moisture inside the cabinet to be 10%RH, 5%RH or even lower, you
have to choose our ultra- low moisture cabinet that can rapid drop the humidity to the set
level and has a high performance to ensure the high yield of your products.

According to the frequency of the opening and closing of the door on-site,
EDRY’s ultra-low moisture dry cabinet provides the following functions
upon the client’s request.

Product Standards
Model SL-416CA Desiccating Capability

Return to 5%RH in less than 10 minutes; Return to 10% RH in less than 5minutes.
It can easily return to 1%RH and stable control.

Capacity 490L Desiccator’s Configuration Layout
Outside Size H970 x W1180 x D500 mm Humidity Control Design Intelligent microcomputer control, touch control panel operation, LCD panel display.
Inside Size H890 x W1168 x D470 mm Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm strengthen steel plate

Upward/Downward adjustable board*3

Warranty Period
Desiccating Theory Average Power Consumption 24W
Humidity Control Range Humidity Control Range 1%~40%RH Power Source AC110V+10V 50/60HZ or customized AC220V+10V 50/60HZ or other customized power requirement.
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Customized Cabinet by appointment is available if the function, size or color specification does not meet your needs.
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