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Ultra Low Humidity  Dry Cabinet <5%RH

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Use of Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinet may significantly improve electronic production yields and reliability.


In the competitive market, customers ask for quality. In order to control quality and improve production yields, it is important for manufacturer, quality control, research and development, warehousing to pay serious attention to desiccate and reduce oxidation from even a trace amount of moisture problem. Survey shows more than 25% of defective industrial products are caused by damage from lack of desiccating storage. This includes high technology optical electronic, semiconductor, electronic, biotechnology, food, medicine, optical and other industries. In the most affected electronic industry, defective take places in the manufacturing process are: 1. Micro crack damage in SND/IC packaging heat process, 2. Return warm water damage from SNT Reflow Soldering, 3. IC oxidation caused by moist packaging material, 4. Dampened LCD board with mildew spots, 5. Moisture from temperature difference induced delamination in PCB’s multi-layer manufacturing, etc.


In summary of the industrial moist hazard problems identified above, take SMD as an example, once exposed in 30 degree Celsius temperature and 60% RH environment after unpack, as time lengthened, adsorption of moisture will also increase, thereby, creating infiltration, hydrolysis, oxidation and other problems. But as long as storing in Day Cabinet with less than 10%RH humidity level, after a time period of desiccating storage equal to x (5 to 10) times of exposure period, SMD can be restored to original floor life and the Dry Cabinet desiccating speed is an important factor to the improvement of exposure period. EDRY Ultra Low Humidity series of Dry Cabinet provides 40%RH to 1%RH desiccating adjustable model. The exceptional desiccating function (prompt reduction to below 10%RH within 5 minutes after opening the door for 30 seconds) may completely replace nitrogen filling and assisted by dry air, inefficient heating oven, high temperature, thermal effect and material aging, etc.

◎We offer rapid dehumidification options. The 30-s Door opening, humidity will reduce to less than 10%RH within 5mins,15mins or 30mins.。
◎Special features customized service, welcome to contact us。

Industrial <5%RH Ultra Dry Cabinets
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