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Super fast 25-55%RH Digital Panel

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Top Dry Cabinet meets the needs of professional collectors and the high technology industry.


If you are picky in details, quality and value, congratulations, you are downright so-called “expert”! You need long term, more complete preservation of your valuable assets, not only preventing quality degradation, aging, damaging but even looking better through time, average Dry Cabinet would not meet your needs. You need the most advanced “Flagship Series” Dry Cabinet technology. Only way to describe the storage environment of “Flagship Series” offers is “Perfection”. It is the fastest desiccating, most stable humidity level Dry Cabinet product available on the market. Keep your precious collection in it, it is mission accomplished that giving you long lasting storage.



Desiccating capability determines quality of storage.


You or your friends around you may have experienced this: You bought other brand of Dry Cabinet due to pricing reason. Then, you found out the desiccating speed is too slow, sometimes takes all day without bringing down the humidity level. After inquiry to the manufacturer, you are given the answer of “item is too moist, recommend upgrade to turbo model”. After forced into paying more upgrade cost, the desiccating speed improves a little bit but only to find new problem surfaced after a short while.


First problem is after a series of opening the door, desiccating speed slows down or no desiccating at all. Secondly, after a period of time without opening the door, the humidity level continues to drop, far below the desired safe humidity level. After another inquiry to the manufacturer, the reason is that the desiccant reduces its desiccating capability when it is close to absorption of water, followed by about an hour of removing moisture period that without desiccating capability. No matter what the reason to be, the up and down, unstable desiccating capability just like taking a shower with sudden hot or cold water. How can anyone tolerate that?


If you are upset and don’t want to experience this unstable quality, make a change to EDRY’s flagship series Dry Cabinets. Speedy reduction to set humidity level in 30 minutes and not affected by opening the door without so called removing moisture period, nor desiccating capability problem. Humidity control is stable and practical without need for upgrade expense. Having a peace of mind in selecting the right product is much more important than saving a few dollars.



Super Fast Dry Cabinet  Digital panel 25-60%RH
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