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EDRY has a complete custom design and planning team with many years of accumulated experience customizing production to provide clients with different desiccation requirement. Timely production of Dry Cabinet to precisely satisfy particular client’s needs professionally and in good quality. Following are several examples of EDRY produced and planned projects for your information.


Custom Products and Planning Projects


Reel Storage Dry Cabinet, Disinfect Dry Cabinet, Cello, Guitar, Wooden Wind Instrument Dry Cabinet, Electronic Instrument Dry Cabinet, Magnetic Tape Dry Cabinet, Animal and Plant Specimens Dry Cabinet, Infrared Spectroscopy Dry Cabinet, Music Instrument Display Dry Cabinet, Multimedia File Dry Cabinet, Pilot Equipment Dry Cabinet, Books and Archives Dry Cabinet, cultural or historical Antique Display Dry Cabinet, Pool Cue Storage Dry Cabinet, Firearm Dry Cabinet, Photography Studio Equipment Desiccating Planning, Microscopes and Other Precision Instrument Cabinet Design, Museum Wet Display Cabinet, Cultural and Antique Storage and Document Room Planning and Design, Digital Media Archives Dry Cabinet (CD, Audio and Video Tapes, etc), Electronic Warehouse Desiccating Planning and Design, Temperature and Humidity Record Management System, Solar Cell Dry Cabinet, etc.


Catalog of Custom Design & Planning
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