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7 Agricultural Purposes
Dry cabinet application for agricultural purposes

 (Forestry, mining, animal husbandry, fishery)

Seed preservation by moisture control
Seeds stored at an environment with high humidity would absorb moisture and thus increase the water content. Water content is the most critical factor determining the shelf life of stored seeds because it is closely related to the respirationof seeds: free water can enhance respiration of seeds. Enzymes in seeds would also be activated by free water, while assorted physiological processes, especially material decomposition, would speed up. In this case, seeds cannot be well stored because higher water content reduces the shelf life of seeds. Shelf life of seeds would drop especially when the water content of seeds exceeds the safety level.

Metal preservation
Scientific studies have shown that the critical value of relative humidity of air for metal oxidative erosion is 70% for steel, 60% for copper, 76% for aluminum, 63% for iron, and 60% for zinc. When the humidity of the environment where metals are stored exceeds their specific critical value, oxidative erosion will accelerate continuously as the relative humidity increases. This would cause the metal structure to rust, crumble, peel off, and be disintegrated into powder—eventually, the original property of metals would be lost.

Dry box, Dry cabinet , Desiccator cabinet application
Seeds, pollen, fertilizers, feed, measuring tools (compasses, angle gauges, calipers, elemental analyzers), fossils, specimens, ores, gears, rare metals, heavy metals, etc.

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