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4 Fashion Industry.
Dry cabinet application for the fashion industry
(Shoes, handbags, clothes, accessories, collection, etc.)
High humidity environment is bad for storage; it could cause your clothes, handbags, shoes, precious accessories, and collections moldy, deteriorating, discoloring, aged, oxidized, stained, rotting, getting bad odors, or loosening their luster. These damages not only affect the value of your precious items, but also waste you time, effort and money for correcting the problems, e.g., repair, maintenance, cleaning up,
Dry box, Dry cabinet , Desiccator cabinet application
Shoes, designer bags, leather jackets, leather belts, gold, silver, jade, jewelry, diamonds, watches, necklace, earrings, pearls, rings, brooches, cosmetics, skin care products, antique collections, commemorative coin sets, art collections, pottery, porcelains, copperware, dehydrated flowers, embroidery, manga toys, toys, souvenirs, dolls, photo albums, MLB all-star baseball cards, NBA basketball cards, dolls, metal products, knives, arrows, darts, etc.

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