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8 Food & Drug Industry.

Dry cabinet application for the food and drug industry


(Dehydrated food, powder food, health food, pet food)


Health care concepts are getting much more popular among modern people. The focus is no longer about quantity or quality of food but methods of cooking as well as healthy and nutritionally balanced diet habits. But how should we store our food?


In general, fresh food like vegetables and fruits are usually refrigerated. As for items that do not need refrigeration, e.g., milk powder, flour, cocoa powder, dry food (tea, coffee beans, dry mushrooms, dry scallops), health food (multivitamins, collagen proteins, calcium tablets, fish oil, ginseng, ganoderma lucidum), cookies, pet food, grains, they can get wet easily and become moldy, discolored, caking, deteriorated, or even worms can grow on them. Do you dare to swallow this kind of food? Remember, each food item has its suitable storage conditions, and impacts from humidity should not be ignored.


Dry box, Dry cabinet , Desiccator cabinet application

Powder food (milk powder, flour, cocoa powder, ground coffee, etc.), dry food (tea, coffee beans, pet food, mushrooms, scallops, spices, seasonings, cookies, finger foods, etc.), Chinese and western medicines, health food (multivitamins, calcium tablets, collagen proteins, grape seeds, royal jelly, gingko, medicine powder, fish oil, Chinese herbal medicine, ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, angelica, etc.), and grains (oats, barleys, wheat, rice, adzuki beans, sesames, whole grain rice, adlay, etc.)

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