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5 Science Industry.
Dry cabinet application for the science industry
 (High precision instruments, optical instruments, experiment device, chemical engineering, biotechnology, etc.)
High temperature and high humidity environment is very unsuitable for instrument storage. Damages can be caused by humidity, molds, and metal oxidation constantly; it is so often that when you finally detect the problem, the machine is already out of order. Follow-up maintenance and servicing are not only time and money consuming, but also affecting work efficiency. Humidity poses threat to industrial products; for non-metal items, it is mostly about molds and hygroscopy, while for metal items it is about rusting.
From experimental test strips to pH detectors, test samples, reagents, powders, temperature/humidity measuring instruments, electronic measuring instruments, metal materials, as well as other industrial instruments, it is very important to adopt good moisture proof and dust proof measures. It is especially true for those rarely used instruments (such as the water inspection measuring device, ion detectors, electronic titrators, spectrophotometers, etc.), because the raise of temperature by turning on the instruments can evaporate moisture from the surface of their components. As a result, components of infrequently operated instruments are often damaged by humidity, e.g., moldy, oxidation, rusting, poor signal delivery, and other defects or damages). In addition, accumulation of dust may also affect a machine’s heat dissipation, which can lead to dangerous short circuits due to machine operation caused overheating. Therefore, it is important to store the device in an environment that has appropriate humidity and temperature, low dust, stable and correct electricity supply, and with good air circulation. In this case, it would be okay without running the

Dry box, Dry cabinet , Desiccator cabinet application
Microscopes, telescopes, test strips, gauge blocks, calipers, spectrometers, oscillators, spectrophotometers, high precision scales, water quality analyzers, conductivity measuring device, pH controllers, conductivity controllers, chemical engineering device, processing device, processing instruments, medical instruments, experiment-specific high-precision instruments/device, etc.

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