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6 Military, Police and Intelligence Purposes.

Moisture-proof application for military, police and intelligence purposes

Humid environment can speed up rusting, crumbling, peeling, and powdering of metal components of weapons, machines, and equipment, which can ultimately lead to partial malfunction or complete out of work. Humidity control is especially important for storing gunpowder because it would be voided when wetted. Confidential documents and files, too, can get molded, yellowed, deteriorated, discolored, aged, oxidized, stained, eroded, or other types of damages. For those rarely used instruments (such as detecting device, rescuing device, and online equipment), temperature raised by turning them on can evaporate moisture on the surface of the components. Therefore, components of infrequently operated instruments are often damaged by humidity, e.g., molding, oxidation, rusting, poor signal delivery, and other defects or damages. In addition, dust accumulation may affect machine dissipation, which can lead to dangerous short circuits when the operated machine is overheated.

Dry box, Dry cabinet , Desiccator cabinet application
Weapons, bullets, handcuffs, body armors, monitoring device, detecting device, investigation reports, confidential documents, document records, audio track records, image records, military device, telescopes, night vision equipment, gas masks, online equipment, radio communication, rescue instruments, aerospace equipment, etc.

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