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1 Mass Media Industry.
Dry cabinets application for the mass media industry(Photography, video, audio, 3C products, etc.) Photographic equipment Humidity...more
2 Electronic and the Manufacturing Industries.
Ultra low dry storage cabinet application for the electronic and the manufacturing industries ...more
3 Education and Art Industries
Dry cabinet for the education and art industries (Schools, museums, art, music, stamp collection, etc.)Equipment and files man...more
4 Fashion Industry.
Dry cabinet application for the fashion industry (Shoes, handbags, clothes, accessories, collection, etc.) High humidity envi...more
5 Science Industry.
Dry cabinet application for the science industry (High precision instruments, optical instruments, experiment device, chemical e...more
6 Military, Police and Intelligence Purposes.
Moisture-proof application for military, police and intelligence purposesHumid environment can speed up rusting, crumbling, peelin...more
7 Agricultural Purposes
Dry cabinet application for agricultural purposes (Forestry, mining, animal husbandry, fishery) Seed preservation by moisture cont...more
8 Food & Drug Industry.
Dry cabinet application for the food and drug industry (Dehydrated food, powder food, health food, pet food) Health care concepts ...more