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EDRY Co., Ltd has been in the business of developing and manufacturing anti-humidity cabinets for the past 30 years. Since 1987, we have been crafting many variations of such cabinets based on different industrial requirements.


Here at EDRY, we stand by our philosophy of building strong relationships with our partners by staying No. 1 in terms of quality, function, service and credibility, and offering extremely competitive pricing. We warmly welcome opportunities for the agent or by the OEM way cooperation. 



For our agents to provide better after-sales service, the entire range of electronic dehumidifying units can be easily dismantled. We ensure availability of spare parts for enhanced maintenance services. We have also encountered massive industrial migration and the dumping of low-price anti-humidity cabinets from China, but in order to insist on quality, we made the decision to remain in Taiwan, strive to excel in every thing that we do, develop the best products and provide the best service to our customers. 


We wish to express our sincerest appreciation for the opportunity that our clientele has given us in the past 2 decades – it is you who have allowed us to grow. Now, we not only procure land to expand our manufacturing plants, and our turnovers also show steady growth, yet there is still the potential for us to make careless mistakes, so with a humble heart, we wish to continue soliciting opinions from you for the betterment of ours.


OEM Brand Names Collaborating with Us

Here at EDRY, we stand by our philosophy of building strong relationships with our partners by staying No. 1 in terms of quality, function, service and credibility, and offering extremely competitive pricing. We warmly welcome opportunities for the agent or by the OEM way cooperation.




1986 Established electronic audio-visual business; began the development of anti-humidity  technologies witnessing expensive equipment of clientele being damaged by moisture.
1987 Unveiled the electronic drawer-style (heated) anti-humidity cabinet; upgraded the cabinet to chip-style dehumidification in 1994 and became the pioneer in airtight drawer-style storage dehumidification cabinets
1994 Breakthrough in the development of T.E. Cooling semiconductor chips, making possible the molding and mass-production of dehumidifiers.
1995 Innovation of humidifiers in July that made possible the DIY discrete design of the dehumidification semiconductor chip; R.O.C. (Taiwan) patent number 053137 was obtained marking the pioneering of DIY discrete design.
1996 Began the production of the molecular-physics anti-humidity and dehumidification cabinet; became the first professional manufacturer in the world that had the 2 technologies simultaneously, namely the mass-production of microchip dehumidification and high-molecule physical dehumidification (TiNi shape memory alloy).
1998 ISO-9002 quality assurance certification introduced in December.
2001 Obtained patent number 178839 for the improvement and creation of the dehumidification structure of safes, becoming the pioneer of anti-humidity for safes.
2001 Passed CE certification for the compliance with safety regulations.
2002 Switched ISO-9002 to year-2000 edition in June to demonstrate our resolve of "customers first" and our promise to the clientele.
2002 Shape memory alloy obtained new-model patent number 497238 in June in China.
2003 The development of "Anti-humidity cabinet for audio-visual equipment" in April, with the exclusive structural improvement of the protection cabinet for computers and electric appliancesinvolving airtight anti-humidity, rapid door opening/closure, receiving patent number 216491andbecoming the pioneer of anti-humidity cabinets for audio-visual equipment.
2003 Patent number 224322 granted in May for the structural improvement for medical supplies storage cabinets involving airtight, air purification, ventilation and internal circulation in response to public safety and environmental protection.
2003 Patent for new types 567079 obtained in China in August for microchip dehumidification.
2004 Patent number M250501 obtained in November for the development of the circuitry structure used in antitheft lab anti-humidity cabinets.
2005 Patent number M270727 obtained in July for the development of odor-filtration device used in furniture and storage cabinets, becoming the pioneer of purification-style anti-humidity shoe cabinets.
2005 Patent number M284865 obtained in September for the development of accelerated dehumidification device used in anti-humidity cabinets,becoming the pioneer of mass-production of rapid dehumidification applications.
2006 Patent number 821309 obtained in China in September for the development of odor-filtration device used in furniture storage cabinets
2007 Patent number 853787 obtained in November in China for the development of airflow-enhancing device used in electronic anti-humidity cabinets.

Our Vision

Trustworthy, Professional, Responsible

We insist on providing our customers with reasonably priced world-class products to fulfill their needs, and have earned the affirmation of the consuming public. The reason is simple: it would be unethical for us to manufacture products with less or hazardous materials and deceive our clients with fraudulent advertising. What is more, we resolve to continue improving, innovating and perfecting ourselves in the area of product service in order to earn the trust and respect of our clientele, as well as lay a solid foundation for sustained business operation, which is why every member of ours strives to cherish, as well as learns to be grateful for every opportunity that our clients give us.





Our Service

Complete Sales and Service Channels

We insist on manufacturing all the series of cabinets in Taiwan in order to provide our clientele with the best products of best quality. Our technology team continues developing new models that are easiest to use, to let our customers enjoy the best products possible.





Your Use of Our Products Is Assured Because

We insist on truthful advertising to not deceive the consuming public. The dehumidification capabilities and accuracy of the humidity are all sampled and sent to the Center for Measurement Standards, ITRI for inspection and correction, in order to ensure their credibility.


Both EDRY high-molecule physical desiccant and microchip rapid dehumidification have been in applications and mass-production for over 10 years and are technologically mature. They have also received numerous patents and pioneered in many areas: A. airtight drawer-style storage cabinets; B. anti-humidity safes; C. air filtration and purification capable anti-humidity cabinets; D. rapid-dehumidification and anti-humidity cabinets, et al.


Our products have international certifications such as CE for compliance with EU safety regulations, LVD, EMC, et al, so the usage safety is well assured.


The sealed approval of ISO 9001 certification ensures the stability of our products from development, manufacturing to service.


The 20-year guarantee of making professional anti-humidity products, the worldwide marketing networks, the witness of numerous satisfied customers and a complete after-sale service system allow us to proudly present our made-in-Taiwan one-year warranty and lifetime repair guarantee to further make our service 24/7.